Stacey Dash co-hosted “The View” this morning and spoke of the racist Twitter backlash she received when she tweeted her support for Mitt Romney.

The “Clueless” actress also defended her support for the GOP candidate … well, when she was able to get a word in as the “View” ladies yammered about the conservative “fringe.”

Video via Fox Nation:

Ever ready to prove Dash right about the vile hatred spewed at minority women who voice conservative values, Twitterers began their misogynist, racist attacks immediately.

Never met a black Romney supporter? You need to get out more.

Because, vagina!!!11!!!

Cable news commentator Goldie Taylor sneer-tweeted throughout Dash’s appearance on “The View.”

But it’s Stacey Dash “saying nothing” when she discusses her beliefs? Self-awareness is hard, isn’t it Goldie?

Kudos to Ms. Dash for holding her own in hostile territory.

Indeed. Brains, beauty and graciousness.

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