Team Obama certainly didn’t want to talk about the “ongoing investigation” into what happened in Benghazi, Libya, during the campaign, so what’s the point of continuing to beat that dead, um, horse, now that Obama’s mission is accomplished? It took President Obama only a few days after his inauguration to play the “I won” card, so why would anyone think it wouldn’t come in handy again?

Democratic Party Communications Director Brad Woodhouse must miss criticizing Mitt Romney, so we guess he’s still fair game, even for holding a conference call with top donors to reflect on his loss. Thing is, Romney’s a private citizen now, and the public is more concerned with that unfinished business on Obama’s plate.

That’s right: give it a rest. As his colleague Stephanie Cutter pointed out during the campaign, Benghazi wouldn’t even be a scandal if Romney and Ryan hadn’t been so busy exploiting it as a campaign issue.

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