As Twitchy reported, Papa John’s CEO John Schnatter became the target of leftist vitriol when he announced that he expects franchise owners to reduce employees’ hours due to crushing Obamacare regulations. Dense liberals, blind to the reality of America under Obama, vowed to boycott Papa John’s restaurants. Evidently, they’re still in denial about what happened when they urged a boycott of Chick-fil-A this past summer.

Well, it looks like they’re about to be disappointed — and shocked — again. After Papa John’s came under fire last week, capitalism-loving citizens decided to organize a National Appreciation Day. The date for National Papa John’s Day has been officially set for this Friday, November 16, and supporters can’t wait to show their love for business owners and the free market. The event currently has over 15,600 participants, and that number’s still climbing.

This is definitely a cause we can get behind!

Wear that label proudly! We support businesses like Papa John’s in their efforts to thwart the obstacles thrown up by the Obama Administration and realize the American dream. Please help to spread the word about this worthwhile cause!

Anyone for pizza?