To add to what’s John Nolte tweeted: BAHAHAHA!

Perhaps it’s time for Politico to hire a copy editor who knows how to spell “softballs”? Here’s the story headlining Politico this morning:

Hard questions! Mr. President, red chiles or green? Any thoughts on Nicki Minaj’s latest release? Will you rub our bellies if we roll over in your lap?

Carrie Budoff Brown and Josh Gerstein offer a “cheat sheet of questions that the president is likely to face” today at his first real White House press conference since March. Real toughies like this one about weed:

So, about those new pot laws. Does the federal government plan to intervene in Washington and Colorado, which both voted to legalize marijuana last week?

Oh, and this one:

Do you believe the FBI should have told you and Congress sooner about the investigation that led Gen. Petraeus to resign?

As noted at Jammie Wearing Fools:

It’s simply not plausible he had no knowledge of the Petraeus affair. Yet this press corps wants us to believe Obama is so sheltered from reality he never knew a thing.

Politico suggests one question about why the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi was “so lightly guarded.” One. Question.

The Twitterverse offers some more likely questions from the president’s palace guard media:

Hard questions? We’ll believe it when we see it.

And if the president does get any tough questions?

Heh. Happy warriors suggest #ToughObamaPresserQuestions:

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