Laser-like focus! On himself, once again. As Twitchy reported, President Obama met with MoveOn, other Obama cultists, and union thugs yesterday. Did they discuss Benghazi? Fiscal cliff? Massive layoffs and hiring freezes? Whatever! Obama has some vacationing to do. It’s good for his soul and stuff and that is what is really important. It’s so important, it requires a pledge.

No, really. He said that.

More from the always hilarious Jammie Wearing Fool:

Because the poor thing just didn’t have enough vacation time and golf in his first term. You can really tell his heart’s in this, huh?

Speaking to liberal activists yesterday, the Huffington Post reports that President Obama promised he would get out of Washington more often in his second term.

Fore-ward! But, hey, that’s his standard operating procedure. Maybe it won’t just be golf; maybe he’s going to hit up Vegas, baby a few more times as Canoodler in chief.

Twitter users aren’t surprised.

Ah, if only he’d thought of this before the election:

It’s funny, because it’s true.

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