Says the man who loves the ladies so darn much he took a $1 million donation to President Obama’s super PAC from foul-mouthed misogynist Bill Maher. Pass the barf bag.

Priorities USA co-founder Bill Burton has his faux-feminist knickers in a bunch because Sen. John McCain is “adamantly opposed” to Amb. Susan Rice becoming Secretary of State. The nerve of McCain, refusing to support a woman who played a central role in the administration’s video-blaming lie-a-palooza tour after the terrorist attack in Benghazi. Doesn’t he know that delicate Democrat lady-flowers must never be criticized and need men like Burton to defend their honor? (Obama certainly made that clear in his presser today.)

Not that McCain has much credibility here:

But he’s right that Rice’s revolting performance in the wake of the Benghazi attack should disqualify her from taking the role as the nation’s top diplomat.

Naturally, Bill Burton, who knows a thing or two about “illogical attacks,” whipped out his Obama-issued For the Women card and cried “lady parts” over McCain’s criticism of Rice. Doesn’t McCain realize that “illogical and vicious attacks” are reserved for conservative women?

Burton has less credibility speaking for women than McCain does when it comes to keeping corruptocrats out of the presidential cabinet.

Burton didn’t just gladly accept a million dollar contribution from Bill Maher — he downplayed the piggish “Real Time” host’s revolting history of vile, degrading remarks about conservative women. And now Pig Maher’s boy has the audacity to get the vapors over McCain’s criticisms rather than acknowledge Rice’s massive and disqualifying failures? Where was his civility cop uniform when Maher launched his sexist attacks against Bristol Palin? Hmm?

Hey, there’s a reason a top Obama aide took one look at the leadership of Priorities USA and said, “That’s our super PAC? … Oh, God. We’re f**ked.”


Looks like Burton did learn a thing or two from Bill Maher about just what kind of woman is fair game.