Twitchy told you yesterday about the bizarre murder case involving anti-virus software king John McAfee in Belize.

He is now on the run from police — and Wired reporter Joshua Davis has been in contact with McAfee since last night.

This morning, Davis live-tweeted breaking news of McAfee’s continued attempt to evade arrest.

The end? We’re staying wired to Davis’s Twitter feed for the latest. News at the speed of tweet.



The plot thickens.

In September of this year, McAfee published a diary in three parts of his recent “adventures” in Belize on a private message board, where he described how his life had been transformed—and according to McAfee, threatened—over the last two years by corruption in government both local and national, as well as his taking on of a personal harem of local women. One woman, “Amber Smith,” according to McAfee, was an assassin. He called the story “Darkness Falls.”

What follows is a thoroughly bizarre, rambling mess born out of McAfee’s “unstable mind.” McAfee is most definitely a very disturbed man.



Joshua Davis has resumed communication with McAfee:

According to Davis, McAfee is claiming to have taken some drastic measures to evade capture:

Update, Wednesday, Nov. 14:

More this morning on McAfee’s disguise and the detention of his friends: