No, really. An “unstable” twin sister has entered the already salacious Petraeus scandal mix.

Yes, way.

More from the New York Post:

Gen. David Petraeus sure loved helping his lady friends.

While he was director of the CIA, Petraeus wrote a letter supporting the child-custody fight of the “psychologically unstable” twin sister of his close friend Jill Kelley — whose bombshell claims of being threatened by his lover led to the top spy’s resignation last week, sources told The Post.

The four-star general’s letter to the court — written in the past two months — supported a motion to overturn a ruling made nearly a year earlier by a judge who resoundingly denied custody to Kelley’s sister, Natalie Khawam, because of serious reservations about her honesty and mental stability, court records show.

Oh, my! Over/under on a nasty case of amnesia coming next? Perhaps we will find out that the twin is actually Kelley’s mother, transformed into her twin by a nefarious villain, who trapped her for years in his hidden lair?

Twitter users digest this latest angle as only they can. Hilarity, of course, ensues.


Indeed. Twitchy will, of course, update with further developments. Like a long-lost father, who was kidnapped years ago by a fierce tribe of Amazon women. Or something.

Update: Double oh, dear.

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