Heh. Bingo!

Comedian and actor Jon Lovitz continues to stand up for small business owners. Post-election, he let the well-deserved snark fly at President Obama. The snark was followed by concern for all those who are being crushed by President Obama’s policies. You see, Jon understands business, unlike the liberals who constantly attack him. He understands the devastating effect Obamacare has on small businesses; he also understands that when businesses are harmed, so are the people whom that business employs. Or, used to employ; many are being forced to close their doors.

But, you know, reality is hard for some. Lovitz took to Twitter again today to try to provide some Teachable Moments ™ for those who insist upon being wilfully ignorant.

No, they don’t. They’d rather stick their heads in the race card-laden sand and screech “raaaaacist.” And threaten to boycott businesses that are forced to make cuts or contemplate hiring freezes. Because that is super helpful. Common sense is hard!

Unreal. They just don’t get it.


Lovitz ends with a question for the Obama cultists.

Huh. Fancy that.


Get ready, America. The fight must continue.

As for how it’s being paid for?

Gee. Who could have seen that coming?

Thank you, Jon, for fighting the good fight and for trying to explain things to those who refuse to use their thinkies.


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