Whoa. News broke overnight regarding Petraeus mistress, Paula Broadwell, and Benghazi. Does Broadwell hold the key to what really happened in Benghazi? Fox News’ Jennifer Griffin, who has been tirelessly working to uncover the truth on #Benghazigate, took to Twitter overnight with the latest.

Huh. Why indeed? The timing, it’s so questionable. As Twitchy has reported, Petraeus is no longer set to testify at the hearing, but Rep. Chaffetz said yesterday that the House may subpoena him.

Broadwell’s revelation? At a speech in Denver recently, she referenced a secret prison at the CIA annex in Benghazi.

More from Powerline:

One of the questions following her speech alludes to her interest in becoming the National Security Advisor. At about 35:00, Broadwell herself specifically discusses the terrorist attack in Benghazi and General Petraeus’s response. She claims there were “militia prisoners” at the annex whose presence might have precipitated the attack. If true, this appears to raise the question whether she might have been the recipient of nonpublic information. In any event, the source of her information is not otherwise apparent, and she immediately refers to General Petraeus after mentioning it.

This takes things to an even more scandalous level.

What did President Obama know, and when did he know it? How many outright lies did he spew to the American people? Why were Americans in Libya left indefensible, while under great risk? Was there a “secret CIA prison” under Obama’s watch? Don’t hold your breath for lefty outrage there.

It seems clear that Broadwell was, in fact, the recipient of classified information. Earlier last night, it was reported that classified information was found on Broadwell’s computer.

And dangerously incompetent Attorney General Holder has known about the Petraeus emails for months.

Indeed. The #BenghaziGate cover-up grows.

Broadwell denies Petraeus was the source of the classified information. Then who was?

Jennifer Griffin continues.

Yes, we are paying attention. Thank you, Jennifer Griffin, for tirelessly searching for truth.

The CIA is, of course, denying Ms. Broadwell’s claims.

Yes. And, again, the timing is suspicious. This seems to be political; Is Petraeus being thrown under the bus? Why don’t they want him to testify?

He must be compelled to testify; the truth must be heard.

Twitchy will continue to monitor this situation and will update with further developments.

Update: Video of Broadwell’s remarks in Denver.

Update: Wow. The video has been pulled from Youtube.

Fishier and fishier. Twitter users react.

Twitchy will continue to monitor and update with all further developments.