As Twitchy has reported, the layoff bomb has detonated. Small business owners relayed their heartbreak over having to lay off employees, due to the crushing finanical burden of Obamacare. Large businesses are contemplating cutting workers’ hours and hiring freezes. Small businesses are doing the same.

And they are being attacked for it. Threats of boycotts have been spewed. Because, you know, that totally helps the employees whose hours keep being cut due to business-crushing Obama policies. Other businesses have been attacked as racist or as un-American. For struggling to remain in business.

Now, small business owners on Twitter, and their loved ones, report further devastation. Countless small businesses are now forced to close their doors. Here are just a few of the heartbreaking stories.

The heartbreak is palpable. The devastation is overwhelming. People have worked so hard all their lives in order to build businesses and employ others. And now it’s gone. The sad reality is that President Obama and his policies have destroyed these small businesses.

The Left would demonize that company, too. They clearly value and love their employees. Heartbreaking. And the heartache will just keep coming.

Are you listening, “leaders?” We know President Obama isn’t. Talk to the hand, business owners. You didn’t “build that” anyway.