What? You missed “The Melissa Harris-Perry Show” on MSNBC Saturday? Fortunately for you, Newsbusters was watching, and caught CBS’s Nancy Giles putting her finger on why pro-life whites “are trying to eliminate all these abortions.” So why, pray tell? “To build up the race,” she explained, and produce a new generation of Republican voters who might win future elections.

Newsbusters’ promotion of the clip had quite a few conservatives seeking out a more thorough explanation of Giles’ comments, and Giles was there to respond. Her reasoning? It was a joke, obviously, and she’s sorry if you didn’t get her “nutty” sense of humor.


Being white and pro-life might be a joke to Giles, but don’t even begin to joke about Planned Parenthood — that’s serious business.

And don’t forget all of those mammograms Planned Parenthood provides. Even the president himself called attention to this important service during the presidential debates and repeated it again during an MTV interview — never mind that it’s not true.

Can’t you white people take a “weird joke”?

The Nancy Giles “sorry if I offended you” marathon continues on Twitter, but no word yet from CBS if the network approves of Giles’ weird, nutty sense of humor/sarcasm/irony.