Yep. Sad, but true: The boycott insanity is growing. Now businesses are being attacked as racist due to having to lay off workers or cut hours in response to Obamacare. Or, for even just considering it as an option! Financial reality is hard.

New entry into the Handbook for Racial Code Words? Staying in business. You see, if a business dares to do what needs to be done in order to remain in business, it’s totally racist. Or something. Oh, the insidious bigotry of trying to ensure that a business continues to exist. The horror!

The attacks on Papa John’s, whose CEO anticipates a cut in workers’ hours, continue, only now with more race-baiting!

Olive Garden and Red Lobster are under attack as well, for the crime of mulling over the possibility that workers’ hours may need to be cut.

Applebee’s continues to be targeted.

All businesses that are dealing with the crushing financial realities of Obamacare are under attack and are being painted as racist, natch.

Reality is hard. But race-baiting? Super easy for the wilfully ignorant.


It’s not racist to live in reality. President Obama’s crushing policies are the cause of this economic death spiral. You know what is racist, though? Believing that President Obama shouldn’t be held accountable due to the color of his skin. You may as well just pat him on the head, you racist.

Arse-backwards. It is Obama’s policies that are punishing business … and everyone whom they employ. Or, you know, used to employ, after being forced to lay off workers or cut back drastically on their hours in order to remain in business.

Indeed. And, if you really wanted to help, you should have boycotted President Obama at the voting booth. But, you know, keep crying racism. That’s helpful.