There’s not much that brings the narcissist in chief to tears. The news of four Americans killed in Benghazi? Nah. The victims of Hurricane Sandy? Nuh-uh. His reelection to a second term? Aw yeah!

Joe Rospars, the campaign’s chief digital strategist, “signed up for this” because he wanted to back a guy who blubbers over his own victory while addressing campaign staffers, but won’t shed a tear for the Americans murdered in Benghazi?

Naturally, his supporters swooned over the video anyway.

A few days after the Benghazi attack, the White House released a photo to prove Obama was totally focused on security thingies. But did his team scrounge up a single pic of President “I Won” shedding a tear when he found out about the Americans murdered on his watch? Evidently, scrambling to lie to the public shuts that tear valve off pretty fast.

He’s not the only one crying.