According to the Daily Caller, RNC Chair Reince Priebus is still deciding whether or not he will seek re-election when his term is up in January. Priebus took the reins from Steele after the 2010 elections:

Priebus was elected to the post in 2011 by defeating Chairman Michael Steele amid criticism of Steele’s leadership and spending practices at the committee.

“He inherited a mess at the RNC,” Barbour said of Priebus. “The donors were upset. We were broke. We were in about a $25 million hole. And he was able to turn all of that around and go out and really establish himself as a strong spokesman for our party.”

But it seems that Steele won’t be among those pushing for Priebus to stick around.

Some people weren’t too keen on Steele’s swipe:

But others, frustrated at the GOP’s losses on Tuesday, stood behind him:

Some Democrats even lined up behind him:

And a few are encouraging him to switch teams:

Priebus has yet to return fire.