Wait, what?

Yes, yes he did, while campaigning for Obama today.

Obama’s laser-like focus tweeted it out, too.

We wish it just ended with that picture (which would be bad enough); Alas, it did not. The song? It happened.

Oh, dear. As Twitchy reported, he debuted this “song” last month. Who would have thought that he’d actually keep singing it? In public, no less. Lesson not learned, huh, Bruce? To be fair, at least he didn’t pull a Russell Crowe and call Obama “the light and the future.” At least, we don’t think he did. Please say it ain’t so.

The mocking was swift.


That wasn’t Springsteen and Obama’s only fail, believe it or not.

Whoops! Y’all don’t have the same draw this time around, do you? And the trifecta of fail:

Good grief! He is just like the other Obama cultists who were “deeply shaken” by The One’s debate performance. Oh, dear: Now we’ve been reminded of that and cannot stop gasping with giggles. Thanks, Bruce!

Twitter users rightly hold a mock-fest. And it’s beautiful.


Actor Rob Lowe gets in on the action.


Man of the people! Obama is so “in touch” that he needs Bruce Springsteen to speak-sing for him.

And a bit of yummy irony: Maybe Bruce can write a song about it!

More, please, Twitter. As for you Mr. Springsteen? No more thinkies. Thanks!


Even Springsteen couldn’t fill a stadium for President Empty Chair.