Someone forgot to tell model Chrissy Teigen that social media engagement is about, well, engagement. The latest Twitter meltdown by a Hollywood Girls’ Club for Obama member started out with the usual bashing of conservative women:

Channeling Eva Longoria, Chrissy? Yep.

Like Longoria, Teigen heaped on the hate. Next targets: Minority conservatives and non-wealthy conservatives:

But when she says “BRING IT,” Teigen means shut up:

This one’s all class. Just like her other foul-mouthed celebrity sisters for Obama:

Of course, it’s her opponents — whom she won’t bother to read or debate — who are the “simple-minded” ones:

Teigen is so tolerant and complex-minded that she directs those who dare to disagree with her to unfollow her. “PLEASE:”

Hundreds obliged:

But at least she’s got the Cosmo editorial staff locked up:

Is there an echo, echo, echo, in here?