Whoa. This is huge; early voting numbers show a swing of over 250,000 in voter turn-out. In the GOP’s favor!



And there’s more.


More from The Examiner:

Even more dramatic, while the GOP has cut the Democratic advantage in early voting throughout the state, the changes favoring the Republicans in certain counties has been huge. In Franklin County, home to Columbus, for example, a 2008 Democratic advantage of 5 percent is now a 5 percent GOP advantage. In Cuyahoga County, home to Democratic Cleveland, the GOP has shaved six points off the Democrat’s 2008 advantage. And in Hamilton County, home to Cincinnati, Republicans have expanded their 2008 advantage to 13 percent.

University of Dayton Professor Larry Schweikart told American Majority Action President Ned Ryun that the GOP gains favor Romney. “Although it is early, we will soon be at a point where–assuming Republicans vote for Romney–the Democrats will have to overwhelmingly win all the remaining early voting just to be even on November 6. But, given Ohio’s voting history, if the numbers are even close after early voting, Obama will lose, and possibly lose big.”

Double whoa! But, evidently, Nate Silver’s mock-worthy model didn’t get the memo.

Someone is going to need to keep an eye on Nate. Poor dear. Also needing watching? David Axelrod, who seems to be fixing to start scrawling in a tear-stained diary, if his appearance on “Fox News Sunday” is any indication.

Delicious, indeed. Watch and smack your lips!

But, hey, it’s not really his fault.


Exactly. Facts are so hard, and so is reality.

We were wondering why Axelrod wouldn’t bet his creep-stache on Ohio. Now we know why.