Never mind those amazing pictures you’re seeing of a crowd of around 30,000 gathered to rally for Mitt Romney in West Chester, Ohio, tonight. Those people didn’t really want to be there anyway, according to the “real journalists” at the Associated Press, at least. Just look at them, itching to get out.

OK, perhaps a picture doesn’t tell the story. Steve Peoples of the AP is telling you, there’s no energy there. Do not question the journalist.

It seems to us that energy wasn’t a problem. The rally even drew the attention of several Obama for America staffers (and ex-staffers), who helpfully highlighted the biggest and best lines of the night with the #LosingUgly hashtag. Somehow they just couldn’t look away.

Could it be that some are leaving early to beat the traffic? After all, this isn’t one of Sandra Fluke’s rallies for Obama where you can fit the entire crowd into one van and drive off. Let’s check in with some others for their impressions of the #RomneyOhioMegaRally.

Low energy, huh?

Ignore the official media reports and the fire chief’s estimate; OFA’s Lis Smith gives us an important attendance update: the crowd was “only” 18,000. #LosingSorely or #CountingBadly?