Last night on “The Tonight Show,” Jay Leno went where the lapdog media have refused to go: #Benghazigate. He smacked President Obama, albeit gently, on his shameful attempt to cover up his role in the deaths of four Americans last month:

Twitterers were impressed by Leno’s willingness to call Obama out — and disgusted that it took a comedian to get #Benghazigate on a major network:

Indeed. The MSM has thus far demonstrated a willingness to engage in all sorts of narrative acrobatics in order to ensure that #Benghazigate is buried. Their mission: protect the president at all costs, even at the expense of their last shred of integrity. But we will not let the story go untold. Obama and his precious lapdogs may not feel any sense of moral obligation to seek justice for the four brave men who lost their lives last months, but we do.

(Hat tip: Strokes of Candor)