George Costanza doesn’t seem to be able to handle the truth when it comes to #Benghazigate — or anything else:

So he’s lashing out at the late Andrew Breitbart for having existed and at other conservatives on Twitter for refusing to allow the story to be buried.

It counts for everything. Breitbart devoted his life to seeking out the truth.

Perhaps he’d like to explain to the mother of slain diplomat Sean Smith and the father of murdered SEAL Tyrone Woods that there’s been no coverup or misconduct by the Obama Administration.

“We in the world of truth, research, and fact”? Please. It’s bad enough that Alexander’s so condescending. The fact that he’s condescending and deluded is just downright pathetic. His world is one of fantasy, and his greatest fear is that it would collide with a world of genuine truth, research, and fact; namely, the world Andrew Breitbart helped to build. And such a collision might actually make Alexander explode.

What those men deserve is justice. They lost their lives in defense of this country, and all they’ve been shown by the president and his sycophants is disrespect.

Since the Benghazi attacks, we have demanded a “real investigation.” And we have been met with constant lies, buck-passing, and obfuscation by the president, his administration, and the media.

When will leftist tools like Alexander wake up and quit brandishing Andrew Breitbart’s name at conservatives as if it’s some sort of horrible insult? Associating conservatives with Breitbart isn’t an insult to us; it’s an honor. Honor is clearly a foreign concept to Alexander.

Looks like somebody’s taken a page from Keith Olbermann’s Guide to Maturity. Hey Jason, the jerk store called. Viewers are nothing when you can’t look at yourself in the mirror and see a person of integrity in the reflection.