Oh, dear. David Axelrod just gets creepier and creepier. And even more of a self-parody! This morning, he went on “Morning Joe” and wagered his creep-stache.  He claims he’ll shave it if Obama loses Minnesota, Michigan or Pennsylvania. MSNBC’s Scarborough said he’ll grow one if Obama wins Florida or North Carolina.


No, really.


See, he has “cold, hard data” or something. Twitter, on the other hand, has mockery. Mock! Mock like the wind!


Countdown to Photoshops and parody account begins!

And while they were prattling on and wagering creepy mustaches, guess what wasn’t discussed?

What a surprise!

And, here is the first Photoshop, offered by none other than “Morning Joe” himself.

Make it happen. And keep the hilarious mockery coming, Twitter! Thanks for the giggles, Axelrod. You are good for something!


Axelrod totally snubs Virginia and won’t put the creep-stache on the line there. It’s too “valuable.”

He also claims they may not need to win independents. Probably because others can just vote twice.