Oh, sweetie. Bless your precious heart. Your plan to make a splash with your “binders full of women” Halloween costume? Not original.

Romney-obsessed libs have been drooling over the prospect of slutty binder costumes since the day after the second presidential debate. And well before Halloween, progressive protesters traded in their floppy vagina costumes for giant cardboard binders.

Now that Halloween is here, the Binders Full of Womyn Brigade is out in full force. If we weren’t laughing so hard, we’d almost feel bad for them. Almost.


Others went with the ever popular (and repeatedly debunked) “Romney wants to kill Big Bird” theme.

Warning: have your brain bleach handy for this one:

Here’s a bonus image (OK, the “bonus” part is questionable, so we’ll just call it number 13). While not specifically Romney-themed, no roundup of absurd anti-GOP costumes would be complete without walking lady parts. Because, vagina!

From all of us at Twitchy, have a safe and happy Halloween!