Last night, the White House sent out a photo of President Obama in the Situation Room for Hurricane Sandy. We know; it’s shocking that he found the Situation Room.

Yes, see? They have pictures and everything.

You guys, he’s super serious! And stuff. Yet, still all Man of the People-y, what with his casually crossed leg and all.

Twitter users have a few questions. Well, actually just one main question.

Yeah, that’s strange, huh?

This Twitter user is unintentionally hilarious.

Famous, but not in the good way. Maybe she misspelled infamous.

And the White House breathlessly pushes out another Sandy briefing in the Situation Room today.

Citizens continue to wonder about the Benghazi Situation Room.

Well, we all know where Obama was after Benghazi: Vegas, baby! And, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. No pics will be forthcoming.