Oh, honey. Poor Meggie Mac must be feeling ignored. So, she took to Twitter, as she likes to do, to troll for attention in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. At least this time, she didn’t troll with her boobs.

It’s all about her, you see. Devastating storm affecting millions? Whatever! Meghan McCain has attention-seeking concern trolling to do!

Indeed. And looky here? Guess who is praising her?

The hilarity provided was epic on many levels. Giggles always ensue with Meghan McCain, because it’s hilarious that she thinks incredibly highly of herself for no discernible reason.

Then, there was the giggle-worthy thought that Ms. McCain is a “fellow” Republican.

Bingo! She’s a concern troll, and an attention-seeking one, at that. Some Twitter users then question the noted scientist and expert of all, seeking to learn her genius theories.

ZOMG! Does Meggie know her carbon footprint size? How on earth can she find the proper Uggs without it?

The epic mockery continues.

Seriously. Do not want, Meghan.

Of course, she’ll say the icky conservatives like Karl Rove are “after” her again. Bullying the poor dear and such. That is her standard operating procedure, and it’s due to her well-documented delusional persecution complex. Plus, Meggie Valley-talks a big game about a “big tent.” But, her tent is totally exclusive.

You must wear super cute shoes and have the mistaken belief that you are edgy; her tent can only be filled with people who agree with her. Those who disagree with her need not apply. Like all liberals, even those who pretend to be otherwise, it is a case of “tolerance for me, but not for thee.” Actual diversity, particularly diversity of thought, is a no-no. Because, sex or something.

Exactly. She throws stompy foot fits when merely criticized, after hurling insults and snide remarks herself. She incessantly attacks Republicans, while absurdly complaining to be one. When Republicans tell her, “No, thanks, we just aren’t that into you,” then she throws a fit and cries poor little victim girl.

It won’t work, Meghan. And, in this case, there are actual victims. Have some concern for those affected by this devastating hurricane, rather than concern trolling for attention.

Update: She’s been getting “comfort” from Nanny Bloomberg’s tweets. Of course.


Wow, how not shocking. You should become BFFs with Kathleen Parker, Meghan.