Earlier today, we told you about a photo being circulated around Twitter that purportedly showed sentinels guarding the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier while being pelted by rain from Hurricane Sandy. While the photo itself was authentic, it had actually been taken during another storm last month. Today alone, Twitterers have been fooled by several photos falsely being attributed to Hurricane Sandy.

A dramatic weather event like Hurricane Sandy lends itself well to rampant Photoshopping and manipulation. Here are some of the biggest Sandy photo hoaxes:



As this Twitterer points out, that photo is actually a still taken from the crappy global warming disaster flick “The Day After Tomorrow”:

This incredible photo has been getting a ton of buzz on Twitter:

Owly Images

She was right to be suspicious. Photoshopping, anyone?


It’s worth noting that Buzzfeed’s Andrew Kaczynski was among the most enthusiastic tweeters of fake Sandy photos. Mysteriously, his tweets touting the photos seem to have disappeared. Funny, that. Buzzfeed put out a real-versus-fake quiz of Hurricane Sandy photos and made no mention of his errors. Fortunately, some of his tweets have been preserved for posterity here.

Kaczynski is now attempting to cover his tracks by pushing out blatantly fake photos:

Nice try, Andrew. But next time, just admit you messed up.

Fake photo fatigue is already setting in, and Twitterers are hoping that the hoax storm weakens quickly: