Oh, my! Perhaps that explains this indecipherable frantic tweet that Mr. Fineman posted earlier.


Heh. Cat got your tweet, toots? Twitter users can’t resist some jabs over that one.

HuffPo editor and MSNBC analyst Fineman continues. Basically, that Des Moines Register endorsement of Romney? A pretty big deal.

Calm down? That is incomprehensible to the unhinged. So, guess what comes next? That’s right: Cue the conspiracy music. The Des Moines Register endorsed Romney because, Bain!!11111eleventy.


And it’s not just a cuckoo pants response to Fineman. This seems to be an extremely desperate and sad straw. Grasp! Grasp like the wind!


No, for reals!

Oh, it says something, sweetie. About you.

We are laughing, too. At you, not with you.

The desperation, it scorches!

Sorry to burst your bubble, lefties. There is no conspiracy. President Obama did not receive the endorsement for one, simple reason: His presidency has been an utter failure.

We cannot afford four more years and even the Des Moines Register realized that. But, hey, keep bitterly clinging to your cuckoo pants conspiracies and such. It’s hilarious!