On Friday, Denver reporter Kyle Clark asked President Obama about the federal loan given to failed green energy company Abound Solar, Colorado’s very own Solyndra. Abound Solar declared bankruptcy in June, is currently under investigation and taxpayers are on the hook for over $60 million.

The president laughed off the reporter’s concerns, and denied that the loan had anything to do with political maneuvering and cronyism. “These are decisions, by the way, that are made by the Department of Energy. They have nothing to do with politics,” said Obama.

Oh, really? The DOE loan process was completely free of political influence?

Today, CompleteColorado.com published an exclusive report challenging Obama’s absurd contention that politics and back-scratching weren’t involved in the green loan sinkhole. Emails appear to show a DOE employee urging a rush on the Abound Solar loan due to White House pressure.

“You better let him know that the WH wants to move Abound forward,” wrote DOE loan executive Jonathan Silver.

Another email, just days before Obama touted Abound Solar in his weekly address, refers to the “transaction pressure under which we are all now operating.”

Read the entire report, including the DOE emails, at CompleteColorado.com.

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