The Nation swooned over the Obama campaign’s “sexy” and “affirmatively feminist” ad  featuring “Girls” actress Lena Dunham — you know, the putrid, offensive video that likens first-time voting to having sex for the first time. And the Atlantic’s Connor Simpson mocked the “ridiculous” outrage from “old white men” on the Right.

Simpson’s fellow travelers on the seedy, woman-degrading Left joined him in lashing out at old white guys who don’t get the absolute hilarity of the president’s stomach-turningly disgraceful sexualization of young women for his own political gain.

It’s not a “good ad” or a “funny video.” It’s not “cute.” And it certainly isn’t “sexy” to urge 18-year-old women to vote their way into Obama’s Skinemax harem fantasy.

It’s typical.

It’s a repulsive affirmation of the toxic liberal culture that trivializes sex and devalues women and girls, reducing them to no more than walking, talking “lady parts.” And that condescending, dismissive disregard for women is equally evident in progressive writers’ claims that only “old white men” care.

Conservative women had plenty to say about Obama’s demeaning assumption that sexualizing the voting process is the way to a young woman’s … well, the only part of her the president can stand to focus on. They’re sick of seeing the misogynist Left’s ideologically-driven crusade to insult and objectify women in the pursuit of leftist goals. And they refuse to be crammed into Obama’s “binder full of women.”

Watch the ad again and then read the reaction from “non-existent” conservative women.

Twitchy founder/CEO Michelle Malkin is bored by lefty celebs swooning over “their birth control supplier in the White House.” She calls the ad “the lady parts’ brigade’s jump-the-shark moment” and reminds Dunham, Fluke and company of her message to women.

Those with broken moral compasses would like to make this about uptight conservatives clutching their pearls over sex.

That’s absurd. We’re not the liberal stereotype of stick-in-the-mud conservatives and we can appreciate a good double entendre. This one wasn’t even mediocre. It was a raunchy attack on the notion that women care about more than sex and birth control. It was yet another attempt to define women as even less than the sum of their parts.

When the sitting president — a father of two daughters — allows his campaign to make degrading analogies at the expense of our teen and college-aged daughters, you’d better believe men and women of all ages and races are going to be appalled.

We have a feeling that’s what a lot of moms and dads did with their daughters last night.

The Obama campaign has not responded to the backlash from conservatives. Keep the pressure on.


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