This afternoon, Fox News’ Megyn Kelly held a gut-wrenching, emotionally charged interview with the father of slain SEAL Tyrone Woods. Woods was killed during last month’s deadly attacks in Benghazi, and, as we learned earlier today, he was one of a handful of CIA operators who defied orders to stand down and bravely rushed to the U.S. Consulate under heavy gunfire.

Woods’ father, Charles, expressed his disgust over the Obama Administration’s reckless disregard for his son’s life on that horrible night and its lack of concern and respect for his family after Tyrone’s death.

The Right Scoop has posted the full interview:

Tyrone Woods is trending, deservedly, on Twitter as people react to Charles Woods’ heartbreak over his son’s death:

It’s worth noting that the MSM has failed to show Tyrone Woods and his family the respect they deserve:

Warped priorities: the hallmark of the Obama Administration.

Obama’s White House and media lapdogs may refuse to honor the memory of Tyrone Woods, but we will never forget his courage and sacrifice. God bless Tyrone Woods and his family. May they get the justice they seek — and deserve.



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