Yes, it is. Rep. Paul Ryan gave a speech on poverty and class in Cleveland, Ohio, yesterday.

And, boy, did he hit it out of the park. The first clue? The lefty freak-outs like these.

Precious. They are still bitterly clinging to Dish-gate nonsense. That’s all they have. They can’t argue with Ryan’s points, of course.

We do deserve better. And we’ll get it on November 6. Happy warriors on Twitter, who know that freedom is always better than government shackles that only serve to keep people down, loved the speech.

The Weekly Standard has a key quote from the epic speech. Paul Ryan spoke about the power of personal charity with individual examples. He spoke about a compassionate and giving man, Brian Wade, and the good work that he and his wife do.

“This good man, and others like him, are witnesses,” he said. “And the needy people who have encountered them feel a presence greater than just one compassionate soul. What’s really at work here is the spirit of the Lord, and there is no end to the good that it can inspire. Government can’t replace that.”

That’s right. Individuals and personal charity have done, and always will do, far more good than the government ever can. Individuals enrich others in ways that bureaucracies never can. Individuals lift up, they don’t shackle and enslave like government dependence does.

More from The Heritage Foundation:

In his speech today at Cleveland State University, Representative Paul Ryan (R–WI) laid out a vision for reforming the nation’s approach to poverty.

“With few exceptions, government’s approach has been to spend lots of money on centralized, bureaucratic, top-down anti-poverty programs,” Ryan stated. “The mindset behind this approach is that a nation should measure compassion by the size of the federal government and how much it spends.” This has “created and perpetuated a debilitating culture of dependency, wrecking families and communities.”

He’s right. Since the “War on Poverty” began five decades ago, the federal government has spent nearly $20 trillion (adjusted for inflation) on what is now a welfare system consisting of over 80 programs. Total annual spending is now approaching $1 trillion. See our newly updated chart: (continues below chart).

Preach it! Exactly right. Be sure to check out the chart, as well. And watch the speech; it truly is a must-see. Fox has the transcript:

Watch the amazing speech here:

True leadership, indeed.


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