Aww, someone call the waahmbulance, quickly! Donald Trump woke up on the wrong side of his crib this morning, evidently. It seems he isn’t too pleased that not everyone fawned over his Obama “bombshell.” And by bombshell, we mean attention-seeking dud. Trump continued his pitiful attention-seeking by attacking Michelle Malkin.

Indeed, he does. Huh, strange that. Or is it? There is a reason Trump sounds like a Democrat; he’s a conservafraud. Twitchy founder Michelle Malkin explains it all, as she fights back after his attack.

Bingo! As he tries to punch up, Malkin fights like a girl and slaps him down in epic fashion. Truth, it’s so hard!

Yes, you can. Twitter users easily see the difference.

Like many non-conservatives, scratch Trump and find a sexist pig, too.

Twitchy reported on one of his most recent piggish acts. When he was shot down for a spot at the RNC, he trolled for attention with a sexist slam at Arianna Huffington. 

Donald Trump cares only about Donald Trump. He is a sexist and a total phony. Perhaps it is time Twitter users point that out as only they can: In happy warrior hashtag form.

And, away they go!

Dear Mr. Trump: Conservatives say, “You’re fired.”