Oh, yes, she did.

That’s right. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton took questions on Benghazi today.

And laughed about it.


The death of four Americans? The continued outright and blatant lying by the Obama administration for weeks on end? All hilarious, to Hillary. Not surprising, coming from a woman who helped spread those lies while flanked with the coffins of the four dead Americans. For shame, Hillary.

Her lying continues; is giggling her “tell?”

What a disgrace. And more spin full of lies from Ms. Clinton: Don’t believe everything on FaceBook (but crappy YouTube videos are the root of all evil and the cause of everything). Those emails showing that the Obama administration knew it was a terrorist attack within two hours? Like Jay Carney, she’s blowing them off. Totally cherry-picked and stuff, you wingnutty wingnuts with wings.


Cover-up indeed. And Hillary Clinton is covering something else: Her own behind.

November can’t come soon enough.

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