Rob Lowe has voted already in California, where he sadly noted that “my presidential vote won’t matter.” Take from that what you will, but don’t take it as an endorsement of Mitt Romney. Oddly enough, Lowe’s supposed support of the GOP was trumpeted enthusiastically by a Twitter account called Hillary Clinton 2012 (which has since apologized and corrected the record). Are Hillary supporters hoping to strip away some of Obama’s lock on Hollywood before the next election?

As far as Hillary Clinton’s presidential chances in 2012? Not so good; in fact, they’re about as likely as rapper Nicki Minaj’s “endorsement” of Romney, which turned out to be two lines on a Lil Wayne mixtape: “I’m a Republican voting for Mitt Romney/You lazy bitches is fucking up the economy.” The president himself addressed that lyric on the “Morning Mayhem” radio show, much to Minaj’s delight over his getting her “creative humor and sarcasm.”

Lowe? Perhaps. Lohan? Who knows.

The Scott Baio and Chuck Woolery endorsements, though? Rock solid. Woolery/Baio 2016?