The “God bless” is a particularly nice touch. And by nice, we mean pathetic. Dude. We didn’t think Russell Crowe could beclown himself any further, and, yet, he has! Actor Russell Crowe recently, and creepily, said that “Obama is the light and the future,” then threw a hissy fit and started blocking up a storm after Twitter users rightly questioned the insane statement.

Lightbringer! Like other cultists, Crowe deified Obama and exposed that his insane world revolves around Sun-God Obama. During Crowe’s oh-so-brave blocking spree, he whined about being “abused.” You know, with pesky things like facts and reason. The horror!  He is still whining. This time, about “haters.” Why you gotta hate?

What does Crowe’s remark even mean? “Hey, haters”: Wow. How mature!

And then this part: “u are distracted from spewing hate at people who are less resolute.” So, is he encouraging “hate” aimed at the weak? Unlike, you know, big strong Crowe who bravely stomps his feet and runs away.

Twitter users want to know.

Of course he is. No diversity of thought is allowed! If you don’t agree with the Obama as Sun-God worshippers, you must be haters. And racist, natch.

Bingo. Those who have overdosed on Kool-Aid, like Mr. Crowe, will never understand that. He then had the gall to retweet this.

Take a look in the hateful mirror, Left.

Guess what? People are drinking the Kool-Aid and spewing hate; It’s coming from the Left. Perhaps Mr. Crowe would like to talk with actress Stacey Dash and find out what real hate is like. She is constantly on the receiving end of the most vicious and vile hate, including racial slurs and wishes for her death, because she supports Romney.

Ms. Dash has more stones than Russell “Hey, haters” Crowe ever will.