Radar Online is reporting tonight that attorney Gloria Allred will be in Boston tomorrow morning, turning the crank on the legal jack-in-the-box that supposedly holds her October surprise.

“The Boston Globe is headed to court tomorrow morning for an emergency hearing in an attempt to obtain a court order to unseal the sworn testimony given by Mitt Romney in a prior court case and to lift a gag order so that the parties can speak about Romney. Gloria Allred will be in court representing one of the parties in the case,” a source close to the situation tells RadarOnline.com.

Matt Drudge had teased Allred’s looming presence in a tweet earlier this week. Tweeters already made a mockery of Allred’s alleged bombshell, but tomorrow morning’s scheduled court appearance to unseal a court case means that something is up. With only two weeks until the election, though, how likely is it that court documents will be unsealed that quickly?

LifeNews.com suggests that the court case may be one in which a 36-year-old Mitt Romney, acting in his capacity as a Mormon bishop, attempted to talk a woman out of an abortion. The story of the case uncovered by LifeNews appears on Alternet.org under the headline, “Mitt Romney’s Heartless Advice to a Woman Whose Pregnancy Might Have Killed Her.”

And then there are rumors of this possible bombshell, which involves the operation of an unlicensed motorboat in 1981.

There’s certainly no confirmation, though, that either of these is the case in question. There’s plenty of confirmation, though, that Team Obama is desperate at this point, hence the appearance of Allred.


Other theories?