The unhinged and incomprehensible Cher has been in full meltdown mode since before the debate last night. Yes, it’s difficult to distinguish full meltdown from partial with Cher. But what can we say? We’re pros.

Not only is Cher claiming Mitt Romney will seize control of your body by single-handedly striking down Roe v. Wade, but she’d very much like to return the favor to “old white men” like Romney. Shudder.

Lucky for Republicans, their “bodie” integrity is safe from Cher’s fantasy assault. We knew the Old White Men Cooties would come in handy!

After a few hours of all-caps dreams, Cher was up and at ’em again, blasting Romney as a liar who fools the public by striking a pretty tone.

It’s awfully rich to see Cher slam Romney as a liar after she claimed that “contraception is illegal.”

Odd that Cher could make out Romney’s tone, considering her debilitating tone deafness.

Finally, Cher admits that she’s not preaching the truth; she’s preaching her truth, albeit in baffling, disjointed fragments. Maybe there’s hope for her yet?


Lady parts, not lady smarts.

Hey, Cher, remember your heartbreaking, tear-inducing nightmare about Romney winning the election? It’s looking like you’re going to have to start breathing the same air as President Romney.


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