What is it with progressive women? They seem to think that conservatives have nothing better to do than obsess over their reproductive organs.  Funny, then, that their argument always seems to come back to having conservatives — and everyone else — take care of their lady parts, in the form of government-funded abortion and contraception.

One of these women, a lady part who goes by the Twitter handle @AngryBlackLady, launched Team Uterati, a campaign to combat the fabled GOP War on Women. The mission statement is about as mature as you’d expect from a talking uterus:

Oh hai! I’m Uterati Jenkins.  I like to ride bikes.

If you have lady-parts, like lady-parts, or know someone who has or likes lady-parts, you should join Team Uterati and check out the Team Uterati Wiki Project.

The Team Uterati Wiki Project will be a resource and organizing tool for the fight against the War on Women. It will include a state directory with links to all relevant anti-choice, anti-women, and anti-reproductive rights legislation, as well as links to women’s health resources and information.  We need your support.  Please donate. Depending on how much you donate, you might get a bitchfork!

A bitchfork? Hot damn! Sign us up!

@AngryBlackLady has been hypiing #TeamUterati like there’s no tomorrow for months now. Here are some of her recent pathetic and breathless #teamuterati tweets:

A thousand times, this. #p2 #TFY #TeamUterati #fem2 #prochoic... on Twitpic

Nothing says female empowerment like making a man cop to being a sexist simply because he’s a man.

Other members of the Vagina Brigade were all too happy to take up the #TeamUterati mantle:

And subsequent intentional abortions, if Team Uterati has anything to say about it.

Charming. Truly. And women like Kat are depending on those “dickbag conservatives” to do their “jobs and shit” in order to earn the money to fund her abortions.

Conservatives weren’t impressed by Team Uterati’s empowerment-through-perpetual-victimhood tactics:


Funny but true. Women who profess to want to be independent while clinging to the underside of the government’s wing don’t deserve to be taken seriously.

Don’t mention it, honey.

And Twitchers, she really seems to be enjoying it and wanting more. Let’s not disappoint her.



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