Once again, liberals seem to have a very difficult time understanding the difference between “restricting access” to birth control and requiring taxpayers to cover the cost of others’ birth control. Even the president gets confused. Of course, this is the campaign that claims composite woman Julia’s birth control will cost her $18,000.

Says Matthews:

A young woman who works in her 20s or 30s and is not ready to have a child, that’s her decision, I think we all agree on that. She wants birth control. Isn’t it in society’s interest for her to get that as part of her health care? And is it society’s interest for her boss to be able to be the birth control Nazi to decide who gets it and who doesn’t?

Newsbusters has video of the exchange between Matthews and Obama deputy campaign manager Stephanie Cutter, who, to her credit, called out Matthews on his outrageous characterization of employers who don’t provide contraceptive coverage as “birth control Nazis.” Oh wait, of course she didn’t. Because women “take contraception for a lot of different reasons. It’s not just birth control. It has to do with preventing cancer and other diseases. It’s a preventative medication.” See? It’s just like how Mitt Romney gave that poor woman cancer.