Gut-busting! Sandra Fluke held “rallies” in Nevada this weekend and the crowds numbered in the ONES.

You really can’t make it up; how can you parody self-parodies? Obama for America actually touted one of the Fluke “rallies.”

Ashley and Jessica evidently made up one-fifth of the total crowd!

Stop, our sides can’t take it!

Worse, Obama for America then tries to cover it up by calling it an “intimate gathering.”

The giggles, they hurt! Excuse us while we pick ourselves up from the floor, where we’ve fallen in a heap of giggle-snorts. Oooh, be careful! You may have to spread out into two entire parking spaces!

Sandra Fluke retweeted this one.

Fired up doesn’t mean what she thinks it means.

Democrats don’t seem to know the meaning of “inspiring,” either.

Twitter users are gasping for breath.

Oh, sweetie. Bless your heart. Too bad you didn’t have a binder full of women to attend, huh?