As Twitchy reported earlier, President Obama unleashed his latest comedy stylings on the campaign trail today, diagnosing his opponent with a case of “Romnesia.” Blogger Jeryl Bier notes that the president’s newest bit isn’t so new; David Corn wrote a piece for Mother Jones magazine back in June called “A Case of Romnesia.” Maybe Obama read the piece and just, um, forgot?

We doubt Corn will mind; his magazine, after all, is the one which released the super-secret “47 percent” video that was certain to take down the Romney campaign. What’s funny, though, is that it’s not the first time Obama has recycled others’ lines. Following the Democratic National Convention, Obama told campaign crowds he should make Bill Clinton “Secretary of Explaining Stuff” — a line lifted from a tweet by a New Yorker editor two days earlier.

Does recycling other people’s jokes count as creating a green job?

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