Grahn seems to have a knack for running a bit behind schedule with her anti-Romney whining. First, she went after Romney and Paul Ryan for Dish-gate after Dish-gate had been debunked. Now, she wants to see Romney’s tax returns — a month after they were released.

We can’t wait for her to call on Richard Nixon to resign.



Unable to handle the fallout of her stupidity, Grahn took a swipe at Twitchy:

Awww … we’re touched that you deigned to pay attention to us, Nancy! You should totally give Ellen Barkin a call. She’s our biggest fan, you know.

Dream on, sweetie. It’s not that we’re interested; more like we can’t look away. Train wrecks have that effect.


Like our pal Ellen, Nancy just doesn’t know how to quit Twitchy.



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