As Twitchy reported, last night, President Eye Candy told “The Daily Show” host Jon Stewart that the slaying of four Americans in Benghazi was “not optimal.”  That shameful remark cut a very deep wound in Pat Smith, whose son Sean was among those killed in last month’s attack. In a heartbreaking interview with The Daily Mail, Smith took Obama to task for his callousness and reckless disregard for her son’s life:

Speaking from her home in San Diego, Mrs. Smith, 72, continued: “It’s insensitive to say my son is not very optimal – he is also very dead. I’ve not been “optimal” since he died and the past few weeks have been pure hell.”

We cannot even begin to comprehend the agony that she has endured since her son’s life was snuffed out as a result of the Obama Administration’s incompetence and negligence. That makes it even more unacceptable that President Obama has yet to reach out to her:

“I am still waiting for the truth to come out and I still want to know the truth. I’m finally starting to get some answers but I won’t give up.

“There’s a lot of stupid things that have been said about my son and what happened and this is another one of them.”

“Stupid” doesn’t even begin to describe Obama’s behavior since the Benghazi attacks.

At the very least. But he owes her much, much more than that.

We pray that Mrs. Smith gets the answers — and the justice — that she deserves and that she is able to find solace during this incredibly difficult time.

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