The conspiracy-theorist fringe of the American left has found yet another ghost to chase after. This time, the boogeymen are a bunch of voting machines owned by a company partially owned by another company where a small minority of the partners and directors are ex-Bain employees and Romney bundlers.

Tagg Romney’s equity fund (Solamere Capital) is invested in another investment firm, which invests in the company that owns voting machines.

What’s more, almost all of the partners and directors of the voting machine company are — gasp! — white men.

These eeeeeevil machines are now apparently being programmed to mis-tabulate our votes and foist Mitt Romney upon an unwilling electorate. This is the video that started the madness:

Yeah, we’re not buying it either. The best part is that, if our fresh-faced conspiracy reporter has his facts right, the supposedly dirty investors  weren’t even Bain Capital people. Listen carefully to this dude explaining the grand conspiracy. He self-corrects to say that the evil overlords worked at Bain and Company. That’s not Bain Capital. It’s the company that Bain Capital spun off of in 1984. Mitt Romney was never CEO of Bain and Company. He worked there in the late ’70s and early ’80s and then left to start Bain Capital. So, this is the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon of conspiracy theories.

Still, that doesn’t mean there aren’t a ton of people falling for it:

Oh, and here’s our personal favorite:

So the idea is to solve perceived disenfranchisement with purposeful mass disenfranchisement? Brilliant!

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