The late Andrew Breitbart dedicated himself to fighting for the conservative cause, smashing leftist narratives and taking on the lapdog media like a one-man wrecking crew. “Hating Breitbart,” a new documentary, pays tribute to his incredible legacy and will inspire a new generation of happy warriors to follow in his amazing footsteps.

The film is set to open tomorrow in limited release and will expand to more theaters in the coming weeks (visit for ticket and other information). In the meantime, Big Hollywood will be showing a special sneak preview tonight, available at 7 p.m. ET.

The 20-minute clip will show how Andrew challenged the media for lazily dubbing the Tea Party racist, calling on citizen journalists to defang the media’s lies. You’ll also see how an inept media refuses to do its due diligence, preferring to fall back on a template designed to erode the Tea Party’s credibility.

Be sure to check it out. Andrew may no longer be with us in the corporeal sense, but his fighting spirit lives on. Let us continue to honor his memory.


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