Now, that’s empowerment! Fox News contributor, author and Daily Beast columnist Kirsten Powers refuses to toe the leftist line. She’s not a leftist faux feminist;  she is an actual feminist, one who respects women as people, and knows that they are not just walking girly bits. Unlike, you know, our President who gleefully and incessantly reduces women to “lady parts.

Twitter users loved Ms. Powers’ recent segment with Megyn Kelly and the always awesome Monica Crowley, during  which she said that women are more than vaginas. It’s a sad state of affairs in Obama’s world when that must be clarified. To him, we are just walking boobs who surely sit around contemplating our uteri all day.

Hear that, Eva Longoria?

We applaud it, too. “Lady parts” include functioning brains, contrary to the belief of most Democrats.

To the video tape!

Brava, Ms. Powers!