That’s right. President Obama, while continuing to pitifully and bitterly cling to that whole Binder-gate nonsense, said this yesterday:

How gracious of him! You ladies and your parts may just be able to learn stuff. And then take on some women’s work like becoming a teacher!

Remember, Obama has a history of dismissing women.

And that just scratches the surface! What about reducing women to “lady parts?” And, you know, trying to turn them into obedient and enslaved Julias? Poor dears! They can’t function on their own. Obama will pat you on your purty, little heads. Of course, there is far more misogyny in Obama’s record, but we’ll let Ace of Spades explain in a way that only he can. Warning: Your sides will be aching. You may even snort and that’s totally not cute. But, it can’t be helped. Read and giggle madly.

Surely the lapdogs in the media will bark “What about your GAAAAAFFES,” right?

Of course not. It’s not like he said they could be teachers holding binders. Wait, a tic. Don’t teachers use binders? And what about all those Trapper Keepers they will be surrounded by in the classroom? No matter; none of that fits the narrative anyway.

Ah, yes. Remember that? Women who worked in Obama’s White House called it a Boy’s Club and said it was a “hostile workplace for women.” He won’t even let those pesky women golf with him. That’s not real women’s work and all. Plus, cooties!

Women can’t be expected to decide such things on their own, silly! Thank goodness women have Man-God Obama to tell them what to do. If, of course, he thinks they are qualified enough.

Ace then kindly informed women on Twitter of this fabulous new opportunity for them, provided graciously by President Obama!

Remember, media: Sssh. Keep this on the down-low.

Any other work for which ladies qualify?

Yes! Don’t forget beauticians. Ladies like make-up and hair and such. And shoes. But, they can’t be shoe salesmen; that includes some math. Ick! Ace continues to spread the good word.

What else does Obama think about the woman caricatures in his mind?

Yes. Plus, women would then have plenty of time during free periods to sit around and contemplate their uteri. Of course, not all teaching, though. Home Economics? Yes. Especially sammich making. But other classes?

Heaven forfend! And certainly not math. That is totally for boys. And what on earth does it have to do with vaginas? The only math ladies need to know is the ability to count to thirty. So that they know when they need to start worrying every month about Romney’s nefarious plot to steal their tampons.

Ace and other Twitter users explain further.

Why all the panic-driven exposure of Obama’s true, sexist and absurd self?

Binders! Vagina Squirrel!

Yep. Put the latest Gallup poll in a binder. Sad face Obama.

Binders or Julia’s shackles? Ladies who vote with their smarts and not their parts are choosing binders.

Ace kindly reminds the ladies one last time about the gracious offer by President Obama.

If only Eva Longoria had listened, huh?

See, ladies? Just listen to your Man-King Obama. Or, you know, vote him out in November. Hey, he can always go back to teaching.