Ha! A likely story!

Actress and Obama campaign co-chair Eva Longoria hasn’t attributed her vulgar, hateful retweets about conservative women and minorities to “the point of al Qaeda’s sword.” Yet.

But clearly she’s picked up a tip or two from Anthony Weiner.

Is her toaster still loyal?

After massive backlash, Longoria tried to walk back yesterday’s retweets by claiming that Twitter was “bugging out.” Sure. Twitter is magically retweeting anti-conservative tweets on her behalf.

To make the tall tale more plausible, Longoria retweeted something this morning and quickly deleted it. Here’s a screen grab of this morning’s deleted retweet as captured by the Twitter aggregator Tweetwood.

And here’s the original tweet that was oh-so-mysteriously retweeted from Longoria’s account today.

So, Longoria’s story is that “hackers” used her account to retweet a sentiment that looks exactly like something she’d retweet? And what about yesterday’s deleted retweet blasting women and minorities who support Romney as “stupid”?

Eva didn’t write that. Somebody else made that happen, natch.

Longoria also wants to set “the record” straight.

And for the record I have never personally called any conservative women stupid. I think u are all beautiful and strong and smart! I appreciate those conservative women who have sent me some great articles! I respect u, stay involved!

Not “personally.” She just retweeted someone who did, then deleted the retweet like a coward.

I never have RT @linseyajones: @Eleanors_Beauty @EvaLongoria you think being a bully and calling people stupid and twats is a good role model?? Nice

But here are some of Longoria’s other retweets from today. She seems awfully proud of “tweeting political” by accident.


And as this retweet makes clear, she hasn’t backed off her belief that women who vote for Romney aren’t as smart as Obama supporters. (Note: The date on that tweet reflects when the original tweet was sent. It was retweeted by Longoria today.)

Twitchy founder/CEO Michelle Malkin took Longoria to task yet again, and it was a thing of beauty.

Longoria was so caught out there that she was forced to quickly clarify that Twitter gremlins only took over her account today.

Bless her precious heart.

Since Longoria hasn’t actually disavowed yesterday’s retweets, conservatives are still utterly disgusted.

Happy warriors couldn’t resist the allure of a Longoria-inspired hashtag game and began tweeting #excusesforlongoriahateretweets.


And we have binders full of Longoria material for Twitchy! Keep ’em coming, happy warriors!

And remember:


Longoria blasts the “wild anger” on the “extreme right.”

Always surprised by the wild anger on the extreme right, that misrepresent the entire Republican Party. I have lots of awesome Rep friends who dont share these extreme views. Where are the moderates?

Odd, she hasn’t mentioned the slew of assassination threats targeting Mitt Romney. Fancy that.

And just for the record, she doesn’t “bash pro-life women.”

Well, you know, unless they’re pro-life women who support Romney. Then they’re fair game.

Longoria also issued a non-apology apology. She’s “sorry if people were offended” by her retweet of someone else’s words that she totally takes no responsibility for retweeting:

More from her WhoSay account:

I use Twitter as a platform for all Americans and their opinions. Sorry if people were offended by retweet. Obviously not my words or my personal view. I respect all Americans #FreedomOfSpeech

Evidently she’s going with the ol’ “retweet does not equal endorsement” excuse.

Cough. Bull. Cough.

More on Longoria’s faux apology, including her claim that she only retweeted the vile tweet about conservative women and minorities to create “dialogue.”


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