During last night’s presidential debate, “undecided” voter Katherine Fenton asked the candidates about the gender wage gap, an absurd myth that’s been repeatedly debunked. While addressing her question, Mitt Romney spoke of his record on seeking out female job candidates and referred to the “binders full of women” he reviewed for positions.

Take that, Eva Longoria!

Predictably, the tone-deaf Left believes the “binders” quote is the one that will finally sink the Romney candidacy. Because Republican War on Women!!111!!! Or something.

Frothing libs sank their rabid teeth into Romney’s remark, and Team Obama wasn’t far behind in pathetically attempting to exploit the quote (and women) for political gain.

Behold the obsession:

Like communications-challenged DNC communications director Brad Woodhouse, Obama would like to focus on “equal pay” today and his oh-so-gallant fight to pass the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act.

Oh really? Obama can trot out all the adorable pictures of his daughters in the world, and it won’t erase his “do as I say, not as I do” record on equal pay for women.

Why does Obama want to “threaten the economic security of entire families”?

How much less?

Sexist? If only Candy Crowley was around to fact-check this claim.

Here’s another look at Obama’s record on hiring women for upper level positions in the administration:

Shaddup! I don’t have to play by my own rules because I won, sneers Obama.

FACT: Conservatives won’t let Obama get away with his faux concern for women’s salaries.



Good question.

Perhaps, as John Nolte suggests at Breitbart.com, recruiting and retaining qualified female employees is hard when the White House is so hostile toward women.