Er, Josh, perhaps you need to get up to date on CNN’s most up-to-date admission that President Obama’s “act of terror”/Rose Garden claim wasn’t — to use Anderson Cooper’s words — as “cut and dry” as the spinner-in-chief and his media wing lady made it out to be.

Video via Free Beacon:

Newsbusters adds:

“It was one of those moments and I could even feel that here, you know, when you say something you’re not expecting,” Crowley insisted, admitting she simply couldn’t help herself from unprofessionally inserting herself into a heated dispute that Obama and Romney were having on Libya.

This is an almost literal confession of knee-jerk liberal media bias.

Bitter clinger:


Oh, look. Another Candy Crowley costume-stealer:

Poor dear:

Even Politico’s Mike Allen points to Obama calling Benghazi “senseless acts” in the Rose Garden statement and notes that “act of terror” referred to 9/11: